Skull and Shackles

29 Wedding Crashers

Session Twenty Nine

In this session of the Skulls and Shackles campaign, the pirate companions have recovered from their journey against the Bleak House and now hold a vigil for their lost companion. Mary leads the group in honoring the fallen Hurricane King, Turpin Irons. After the ceremony, Quade and Tidus get into an argument over the spoils obtained from the Bleak House. But their argument is interrupted by the sudden power loss that Quade experiences as some outside force severs his tie to manipulate the mindscape. The group is confused and frustrated, arguing over what to do next. Wynter consults with Bertok, and following his suggestion, conducts another Communion with her patron. She learns that the forces of the Nine Hells have gained control over the mindscape and that it is only a matter of time before the mindscape and all its contents are absorbed into Hell. This is probably due to the fact that they left behind the bone devil emissary alive back in the Bleak House. Forced with no other choice, Wynter plans to perform the ritual that will release all the souls within the mindscape. But she still needs the critical spell component for the ritual, an expensive gemstone worth thousands of gold.

Inigo, Quade’s intelligent rapier, informs that he can help provide the necessary spell component with the gemstone on his pommel, but it would greatly weaken him. In exchange for this deed, he holds Quade to a sacred oath to atone for his sins against Waukeen the Merchant Friend: Quade must fulfill the original oath between Waukeen and Abadar dealing with the Silver Sword of Gith. Quade agrees to the divine geas and hands over Inigo’s gemstone to Wynter. Wynter performs the occult ritual and is successful in releasing the souls from the mindscape.

With the souls free from the mindscape, Quade finds himself with the lost souls attempting to join with the river of souls in the Astral. Before he becomes lost within the river of silver light, he is saved by the psychopomp Bertok and led back to join with the other pirate companions. De’de uses his psionic power to Astral Caravan the group back to the Prime Material Plane, hoping to arrive in a destination close to the night hag Lodhotha.

They arrive back in the Fever Sea, dozens of miles away from their intended designation. Mary uses her tricorn’s magic to conjure a small ship to host the group. De’de is unconscious due to the strain of the planar travel, while Dalvika herself is weaken from the ordeal as well. Quade is suffering a sickness due to being so far away from his original body, his astral construct body slowly evaporating over time. Wynter contacts Cut Throat Grok, alerting the temporary captain of the Femme Fatale of their whereabouts. The group focuses on their next goal: finding the night hag Lodhotha. Wynter decides to scry on an easy target, Agasta Smythee. To her surprise, she learns that Agasta is being prepared for a wedding. A wedding to the lord of Shark Island, Avimar Sorrinash. Moving the scrying sensor, Wynter is able to look out the window and determine Agasta’s whereabouts is Beacon Island off the southern coast of Shark Island. She sees a large gathering of naval ships surrounding the island.

The group then comes up with a daring plan, setting on the idea to have Wynter possess Agasta Smythee with a magic jar spell. They hope that Wynter, posing as Agasta, can get close to Sorrinash and object to the wedding. This will give Tidus the opportunity to duel the Shark Lord and Quade the time to conduct a speech to sway the other pirate lords attending the wedding to their side.

Unfortunately, not all things occur as planned. Wynter temporarily possesses Tidus and then has her body and Quade enter inside Quade glove’s extradimensional pocket. They leave behind Dalvika, De’de, and Mary aboard Mary’s boat. Wynter operating Tidus’s body then teleports into the room where Agasta and her hand maidens are located. Wynter quickly disables Agasta with a slumber hex but isn’t able to quell the scream escaping from the frighten hand maidens. Wynter quickly releases Quade from the glove of storing and then possesses Agasta, while Tidus silences the hand maidens with intimidation. Quade senses that the night hag is near and somewhere above him. When more servants come to investigate the screaming, the pirates take those women as prisoners too. One of the prisoners, a woman named Audessa, calms the pirate companions down by claiming that she and her girls are slaves and will side with the group if they’re rescued from the werewolves. When Blood Moon guards come to investigate the screaming, Audessa is able to use her superior bluff skills to come up with a believable lie. The guards leave, leaving the PCs time to come up with a new plan.

They send Audessa out to lure the night hag Lodhotha, giving them time to hide in the closet and prepare for combat. When Lodhotha arrives with Sorrinash’s first mate, Riaris Krine, and a company of Blood Moon guards, the pirate companions attack by springing out of the closet! Wynter summons one of the Zodiac to deal with the Blood Moon guards, while Quade manages to dispatch the night hag with multiple critical strikes, and Tidus goes claw to claw with the werewolf bloodrager Riaris. The pirate companions manage to defeat their opponents, but one of the werewolf guards alerted the castle with a keen howl. Quade merges with Lodhotha’s fallen body, restored once more to true life. Knowing that their plan is ruined, Wynter pushes all the servant girls and Audessa into the glove of storing, along with Tidus and Quade. They leave behind a magic mouth calling card, challenging Sorrinash to a duel while they all teleport away back to Mary’s boat.

Collecting the rest of the companions, Wynter teleports everyone once more back aboard the Femme Fatal. Old friends are greeted once again as the pirates and the pirate officers of the Femme Fatal are reunited. Cut Throat Grok hands over a caged Irons, Quade’s ex-familiar. Wynter thanks Mary for her assistance, while Mary offers Wynter a place among her own crew in an attempt to sway the Varisian woman over. Quade welcomes Tidus back to the crew of the Femme Fatale. Meanwhile Mary and Wynter work together to lift the curse of lycanthropy from Agasta Smythee.

Restored once more to life, Quade assumes command of the Femme Fatale and gives the order to return home. Mary leaves the group to return back to her own ship, ending this chapter of the Skulls and Shackles.



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