Skull and Shackles

Tempest Rising


The time has come for the heroes to take their places as true legends within the Fever Sea. But doing so will require more than a ship, a scallywag crew, and a hold full of plunder – they’ll need to win the esteem of one of the pirate lords of the Shackles and defeat another pirate lord in the Free Captains’ Regatta, a grueling race along the fringes of the mighty hurricane called the Eye of Abendego.

The winners receive a fat prize purse, their own private island, a seat on the Pirate Council of the Shackles, and one of the pieces of Eight.

Will the adventurers triumph against fierce competitors, old rivals, and the treacherous winds and currents of the Eye?

Or will their ship be claimed by the storm, a doom that’s befallen so many before them?



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