Skull and Shackles

27 The End of Eternity

Session Twenty Seven

In this session of the Skulls and Shackles campaign, the pirates argue among themselves on how best to deal with the fey summoner known as Bikendi. Quade, who realized that he is the Immortal adventurer known as Gage, decides to execute his son by attacking his silver cord with a shard of the Silver Sword of Gith.

Mary takes the opportunity to free the soul of Turpin Irons from Bikendi’s soul gem prison. Once free, Turpin Irons thanks the group and shares the reason why he was visiting the Island of Empty Eyes and his knowledge on the Silver Sword of Gith. Once informed of the party’s intentions on destroying the mindscape, Irons is immediately against the plan as he prefers to stay in the mindscape to avoid the Pirate Queen Besmara. After a philosophical debate the group convinces Irons to join them on their quest to find the Island of the Dead Trees.

Irons reshapes their surroundings so that they’re once more on the Island of Empty Eyes. Given the opportunity to rest and train, they take a day off in the city of Sumitha in order to prepare for the journey to the End of Eternity.

Once aboard a Shackles cutter that Irons conjured and supplied with a crew of astral constructs, the Femme Fatale pirates and Mary set sail for the Island of the Dead Trees. It is nearly twelve hours before the ship finally reaches the edge of the mindscape where their ship plunges off a waterfall that stretches across the horizon for miles. They fall for a few miles down the waterfall before crashing into the misty sea that is the true fabric of the mindscape. With the Astral Plane’s silver void above them, the group sails into the unknown as they wander the misty realm for hours. They follow the advice of the Seer of Ghoral Rey by avoiding the strange lights in the fog and journey two more hours until they come across the river of lost souls.

They accompany the river until they take notice of strange insectoid outsiders known as the sahkil attempting to catalogue the dead. Once alerted to the presence of the pirates, the sahkil attack in numbers but is easily driven back and forced to flee by the magical and martial might of the group.

Eventually the river of souls brings their ship to a mysterious island in the mists, which the group determines to be the Island of the Dead Trees. They secure their ship to the Island’s only dock and begin to venture forth, only to find that Athyra, their astral construct companion, to disappear the moment she steps ashore. Not distracted by this turn of events the group continues to journey further into the island by walking up the grand steps. They notice many statues baring brass masks and showing different versions of Quade from different lifetimes. Mary notices that the Island is haunted. Eventually they spot a familiar sight from their dreams: the brown cat! The cat darts off once it notices the group, causing the pirates to chase after it into the forest of dead trees.

While they chase after the brown cat, the group catches the attention of the forest’s undead natives, animus shades of Quade. The angry dead attack the party, costing them many of their resources and blinding Dalvika and De’de. Once they dispatch the undead, the group decides to rest in order to regroup. But Mary warns the others that more animus shades will come.




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