Skull and Shackles

34 Reavers of the Fever Sea

Session Thirty Four

In this session of the Skulls and Shackles campaign, the officers of the Femme Fatal begin to look over their plunder that they received from the bowels of the Brine Banshee’s wrecked depths and even give a portion to the crew. Captain Quade mends and reviews the damaged journals and logs of various officers of the Brine Banshee, learning that Captain Xiribal Jalhazar ordered his ship to change course under the advisement of his first mate, Vargus Brack. Many of the officers believed the elf captain to be mad in his attempt to search for the fallen Wave Reaper, the flag ship of Glick Hyde, the second Hurricane King. Wynter, De’de, and Quade conclude that Jalhazar was after a piece of eight.

Wynter’s psychopomp companions begin to grumble about the presence of Tidus’s undead shark minions, arguing over the ethics of using them or destroying the abominations. They leave the final decision to Wynter who decides to destroy the undead sharks once they’re no longer towing the Brine Banshee plunder.

Quade then interrogates his sea devil prisoner, Haarka, in the ship’s brig. He learns from the sea devil that Tidus is the half brother of the Krakenfiend and that the kraken has placed a bounty on Tidus’s head. Quade seeks an audience with the Krakenfiend’s people and frees Haarka. The sea devil agrees to pass on the sylvan captain’s message to his lord and dives back into the Fever Sea.

Time passes and the Femme Fatal travels closer to home.

Wynter is then approached by the ship chaplain, Jask, who questions Wynter about Jaspin Hinsin’s death. He shares that one of the crew came to him in confidence and wanted him to call upon his divine abilities to seek answers about Hinsin’s death. Jask was disturbed at what he discovered from his divinations and came to Wynter to learn about the circumstances that led to Hinsin’s death. After at first bluffing the priest, Wynter decides to tell the truth and admits that she murdered him. She also explains the reason why she murdered the Magpie Princess’s bard and blames him along with Lanteri for the kidnapping of Augusta Smythee. She then demands to know the identity of the crewmate that suspects her of murder. Jask decides to take the matter up with Captain Quade.

After listening to both Wynter and Jask, Quade defends Wynter, stating that Hinsin would have been executed anyways. Quade then demands the identity of the crew mate that is creating conflict among his crew. Jask refuses to give up the information as that would break the crew’s trust in him and his duty as the ship chaplain. Wynter agrees with Jask, much to Quade’s annoyance.

De’de is then approached by a group led by Magic Mike. The half orc suspects that Tidus is a undead creature and asks De’de if this is true or not. De’de at first bluntly tells the truth, but then begins to backtrack and claim that he doesn’t know. Spurred on by De’de response, the group decides to test Tidus by using a vial of holy water owned by Knuckles. Using the telepathic bond set up by Wynter and Dalvika, De’de warns Quade about the confrontation.

Quade quickly intercepts the group before they can confront Tidus, and calls a meeting of all hands on deck. The sylvan captain then reveals the truth that Tidus is an undead creature. Many of the crew is shocked to learn this. Magic Mike is visibly angry that the captain kept this as a secret and tries to convince Quade to get rid of Tidus. Quade denies Mike’s request and then offers everyone the opportunity to leave if they wish once they return back to home port, but he will not tolerate conflict among his crew. After his speech, many of the crew return back to their duties but with troubled minds.

Among the crew, Quade was shocked to learn that Gelik is drinking again. He calls the bard to his quarters and attempts to punish him by forcing the gnome to drink more liquor. He even calls in Jask to assist him, eventually rendering the gnome unconscious after the harsh experience. The sylvan captain puts Gelik to bed and then returns to his duties.

Owlbear decides that after all the drama he witnessed aboard the ship, he would like to leave with his share of the plunder. Tidus offers Owlbear a place among his crew, which the former ship surgeon refuses. De’de then escorts Owlbear back to Blackblood Cay with a psionic teleport effect. That is when Knuckles, the ship’s lookout, announces that he spots a ship on the horizon. He notes to Wynter that he recognized the ship back at Port Peril and saw it again back at Beachcomber. Wynter suspects the ship has been following them ever since they left the pirate capital. De’de returns just as the Femme Fatal is then drawn into a naval battle with the Screaming Reaver.

Tidus and Quade attempts to board the ship while De’de and Wynter unleash their spells and hexes upon the enemy ship. The Reaver’s ship mage unleashes fireball after fireball upon the Femme Fatal along with a rain of catapult stones. Tidus and his undead sharks manage to destroy the Reaver’s rudder, causing the pilot of the Reaver to lose control of her wheel. Once Tidus and Quade climb aboard the main deck, the Reaver’s Captain Dark unleashes a frightening display of her capabilities. Tidus is unaffected by the intimidation while Quade is sent running back to the Femme Fatal. Wynter manages to eliminate the Reaver’s ship mage with a phantasmal killer and knock out the Reaver’s ship chaplain with a hex. De’de eliminates a large number of Reavers with his psionic blasts. But in the end, it was Tidus that turns the tide of battle as he rips Captain Dark apart before her crew with his talons. One of the officers of the Screaming Reaver then calls for parley and offers the surrender of the Screaming Reaver. The Femme Fatal wins the day.

Disarming the crew of the enemy ship, Quade then orders everyone aboard the Screaming Reaver to be hanged. He spares two members of the crew, but maims them and sends them out to spread word of what he plans to do to his enemies if they dare to face him. His own crew is shocked by his cruel behavior.

The Femme Fatal finally arrives home and many of the crew is happy to have shore leave. Tidus seeks out his soon to be bride, Augusta, back at his villa. De’de senses a presence waiting for him in the harbor and goes out to investigate it. Wynter and Quade hear that there is a recruiter from the Indep, Mary’s ship, attempting to spread bad word about the sylvan captain and poach his followers. They meet one of Mary’s handmaidens, a woman known as Alisha, who shows respect and contempt to the fey captain. After a harsh exchange of words, Quade sends Alisha away with an escort of his men to kick her off the island. Alisha offers Wynter a chance to join Mary, but the Varisian witch refuses again.

Tidus meets up with his beloved Augusta. The young woman is recovered from her trauma and is ready to reclaim Blackblood Cay back from Commandant Bonedeuce. She requires the aid of her father’s captains, but needs evidence that Bonedeuce was responsible for her father’s death in order to win them over. She doesn’t want Quade and the others involved, but Tidus argues against this. Augusta is eventually convinced that she may need the others and then sends Tidus to summon Quade.

Back at the harbor, De’de meets with Sefina, a ceratioidi emissary of Queen Sloopdilmonpolop. Sefina arrived to retrieve the Queen in Exile’s egg that was stolen by Tidus. She even offers to pay the pirates’ ransom. De’de asks the aquatic emissary to wait while he attempts to alert Quade of the presence of the ceratioidi. Quade and Wynter is also alerted of the presence of a tax collector from the brine dragon Kelizar, Scags Rotgram, is on the island. Quade sends Wynter to deal with the tax collector, and orders Tidus to hand over the egg. Tidus explains that the egg has already hatched and imprinted upon him.

Wynter pays Scags the tithe to the brine dragon and sends him away while Quade mends bridges with the Coral Kingdom’s emissary and hands over the Queen’s child. The emissary gives Quade the location of where the Queen In Exile is located, back at Tymora’s Hold, the dominion of the tritons, if he seeks an audience with the Queen in Exile.

Once finished dealing with the foreign emissaries, Quade arrives at Augusta’s villa. The two share tea while Tidus watches on silently, going over Augusta’s plans. Quade plans to deal with the Commandant after he finds the Chelish spies. He learns from Augusta that Bonedeuce will more than likely enter the Free Captains’ Regatta. She then explains that Tidus must enter the race with his own ship and beat Bonedeuce, in order to win her father’s captains trust. This is her backup plan if Quade and Tidus can’t find evidence of Bonedeuce’s hand in murdering her father. Quade agrees and then leaves. Once the sylvan captain is gone, Augusta tells Tidus that he must defeat Quade also in the race and earn his place as a pirate lord among the Free Captains.



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