Bartholomew Beckett


Born and raised in a prosperous merchant family in Cheliax, Bartholomew Beckett joined the Aspis Consortium after a fight with his father. For many years he faithfully served the Consortium, eventually being stationed in the whaling industrial port town of Blackblood Cay. Reports of the discovery of the first Hurricane King’s tomb on Smuggler’s Shiv draws his attention and the interests of the Consortium.

The Aspis Consortium is a joint-stock company and mega-corporation formed for pursuing and monopolizing trade with regions in Mwangi and other parts of the Inner Sea. The Consortium traded mainly in cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, saltpetre, tea and opium. Shares of the Consortium were owned by wealthy merchants and aristocrats. The government of Cheliax owned no shares and had only indirect control. The Consortium eventually came to rule large areas of Mwangi, such as Bloodcove, with its own private armies, exercising military power and assuming administrative functions.

With news of the discovery of the Tomb of the Hurricane King on Smuggler’s Shiv, Beckett led an exploration expedition to Smuggler’s Shiv.

Having acquired one of the pieces of Eight, Beckett leads the Aspis Consortium agents on a race against the PCs for the final silver shards of the Silver Sword of Gith.

Bartholomew Beckett

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