The dream thief Lodhotha was a more powerful cousin of night hag that often wanders the Dimension of Dreams, stealing dreaming minds, trapping them within dreamstones, and selling them to the highest bidder.

She assisted the cult of Dagon in Ollo in crafting the Immortal Dreamstone, but drew unwanted attention when she feasted on the dreams and memories of the people of Ollo. Lodhotha eventually managed to craft the Immortal Dreamstone, an artifact that would allow the user to warp the Material Plane as if it was the Dimension of Dreams, but she was defeated by the pirates of the Femme Fatal.

The Immortal Dreamstone was destroyed, freeing the dreaming minds that was used to fuel the reality warping magic item.

Recently, Lodhotha inhabited the body of Quade while he was trapped in the Islands of Mnemosyne. She allied with Captain Avimar Sorrinash and attempted to recreate the Immortal Dreamstone. But the pirates of the Femme Fatal managed to escape the mindscape and slew Lodhotha once again.

Once more trapped in the Islands of Mnemosyne, Lodhotha plots to gain her revenge.


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