Simeon Smythee


Free Captain Simeon Smythee the Vain has been the lord of Blackblood Cay for nine years. He remains lord of the industrial whaling port town and senior among ten other pirate captains who call the port home. Simeon is of legitimately noble birth, albeit a far-sprung offshoot of a long-exiled Galtan family. Simeon’s sloop Blushing Bride is known for its amazing speed, and rumor has it that as soon as he builds up enough naval strength to contest Pirate Lord Avimar Sorrinash’s dominance of the island and secure a stable power base, he intends to enter the Free Captain’s Regatta. Many joke about the well-coiffed Simeon’s flamboyant dress and taste for expensive colognes, but none would dare call the brash lord “vain” to his face, nor do any doubt his determination to eventually challenge the authority of Shark Island’s lord.

When Agasta Smythee, Simeon’s daughter, was kidnapped by the Magpie Pirates, some would say that Simeon the Vain lost his mind. He became fixated on punishing the thieves responsible, sending his Dragoon mercenaries across the Fever Sea and hiring bounty hunters to channel his wrath. When Sorrinash attempted to bargain with Simeon, for the life of Agasta Smythee, the governor of Blackblood Cay refused to deal with the lord of Shark Island. Simeon has become more paranoid, prone to snapping, and alienated many of his allies with his irrational behavior. The vain governor keeps himself secluded within his manor and rarely leaves.

Simeon was freed from his magical influence and the curse of being a salt husband to the sea hag Mother Grund. But he lost his life when Commodore Bonedeuce staged a coup, losing his head beneath the gunfire of the Commodore’s enchanted pistol. His death was blamed on the Femme Fatal pirates, agents of Avimar Sorrinash, pirate lord of Shark Island.

Simeon Smythee

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