Vancid Creed


Vancid Creed is another old companion of Captain Lanteri, as the pair served with one another aboard the Shark Queen. Creed is known among the crew of the Magpie Princess to seclude himself to his studies, only coming out when his magic is needed. He dislikes being disturbed unless the subject falls under one of his interests: magic or the Ghol Gan.

Vancid Creed was dead long before he met the PCs. He was actually the host of an aquatic horror known as a Incutilis, the mastermind who manipulated the crew of the Magpie Princess into taking the expedition to find the Three Reasons to Live, a shard of the Eight Pieces of Besmara, and the journey to the Island of Empty Eyes where its brood was waiting for the pirates.

The incutilis agent was slain by Quade via a spellstrike.

Vancid Creed

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