Varossa Lanteri


A dark-haired woman with a sharp tongue and a hard demeanor, the captain of the Magpie Princess was born Varossa Lycaste Ia-Tep. Raised in Eleder, she fled wealthy but overbearing parents aboard a Rahadoumi trader as a teenager and never returned. Far more educated than the average sailor, she served as a navigator on several honest ships before she joined up with a pirate crew out of Quent. Fortune and skill eventually saw her rise to an officer’s position aboard the Shark Queen and, only a year later, to the captain’s post. Two years of profitable piracy culminated in her encounter with Barnabas Lanteri of the Magpie Prince. After a short marriage, she now captains the rechristened Magpie Princess and pursues the treasure her dead husband missed his chance to claim.

She is often accompanied by her pet parrot, Rot Gut.

A distraught and insane Varossa died by committing suicide with the assistance of Wynter. Her pet parrot, Rot Gut, died by being fed to Quade’s familiar.

Varossa Lanteri

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