Wynter Osveta


Wynter is a young woman in her mid teens, who stands about 5’2", with an air of carefree confidence that is most noticeable in her glacier blue eyes outlined with a dash of kohl. A soft face with rounded cheek bones, proportionally slim nose, high trimmed brows, soft pouty pink lips, and rounded chin is complimented by her easy, charming smile. Her treacherous glacier blue eyes gaze out in playful curiosity as she smiles; Though, there is a hint of a wild spark lingering behind those lids. Wynter adorns raven black hair, groomed and shining brilliantly, which crops her gentle face; the mane glimmers down towards her shoulders where it ends. She has a soft neck and narrow shoulders that form into equally lithe arms and hands. Overall her general shape is a toned, hourglass figure defining her chest and hips which are of moderate shape at a slim 115 lbs. Altogether her skin tone is a light & even tan lending her to porcelain glamour.

Her most identifying mark is a tattoo known as The Angry Princess on her left ankle which she was born with. Angry_Princess.png

Her fashion tends to change on a whim, going from bodice and skirts with chemises of varying colors to lace boleros to full pirate regalia with breeks, lion coat, and shirt with boots.

When Wynter and Seraix are bound, it is a bit different from a typical synthesist bond. Rather than Seraix being a living armor, Seraix instead wears Wynter as her mortal mask. The symbol she was born with blazes bright on her forehead, but she remains fully corporeal except that her entire body takes on a bioluminescent aura.

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Wynter Osveta

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